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Elevate Your Workforce with TRL Consultants’ Transformative Corporate Training

Welcome to TRL Consultants’ official YouTube channel! Staying ahead requires a skilled and empowered workforce in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Discover how our comprehensive corporate training programs can take your team to the next level. From leadership development to embracing diversity and even mastering AI integration, our tailored training modules are designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. Watch now to learn more about our transformative offerings!

Our Training Calendar

Soft SkillsTeamwork Makes Dreamwork1 DayHassaan Azhar
Soft SkillsInstead of Yes or No, NEGOTIATE2 DaysDanish Khan Yousafzai
Soft SkillsAdvanced Communication Techniques: Elevate Your Impact1 DayShumailla Noureen
Soft SkillsConflict Resolution and Negotiation: “From Conflict to Resolution: Navigating Win-Win Solutions!”1 DayDanish Khan Yousafzai
Soft SkillsTime Management and Prioritization: “Master Your Time, Maximize Your Impact!”1 DayHassaan Azhar
Sales & MarketingInternational Marketing and Global Expansion: “Conquer New Frontiers, Expand Your Reach!2 DaysOmair Bangash
Sales & MarketingCustomer Acquisition and Retention: “Win, Delight, Repeat: Mastering Customer Growth!1 DayMazhar Mansoor Khawaja
ManagementRisk Management Mastery: Protecting Your Business and Your Future1 DayAli Murad
ManagementData Analysis Made Easy: Excel Techniques for Insights2 DaysDanish Mohiuddin
ManagementInsights2 DaysDanish Mohiuddin
Learning & DevelopmentMastering Training Needs Analysis (TNA)1 DayDanish/ Abdullah
Human Resources Performance Management Mastery: From Evaluation to Engagement1 DayHassaan / Abdullah
Human Resources The Art of HR Budgeting: Maximizing Resources for Optimal Results1 DayHassaan Azhar
Human Resources Unveiling HR Risks: A Comprehensive Training for HR Professionals1 DayUsman Javed / Hassaan Azhar
Human Resources Creating a Culture of Engagement: Proven Techniques (for HR Professionals)1 DayHassaan Azhar
Soft SkillsCritical Thinking & Analytical Decision-Making2 DaysHassaan/Danish Mohiuddin
Soft SkillsAdapt & Lead – Turning Hipos Into Successors1 DayHassaan/Danish/Ali Murad
Soft SkillsAdmin Support Staff Training Program2 DaysHassaan Azhar
Soft SkillsBuilding Confidence and Assertiveness1 DayShumailla Noureen
Soft SkillsTeamwork and collaboration1 DaysShumailla Noureen
Soft SkillsIntercultural Communication1 DayShumailla Noureen
ManagementEffective Leadership skills2 DaysShumailla Noureen
ManagementProject Management Fundamentals2 DaysShumailla Noureen
MarketingBuilding a strong Brand Identity2 DaysShumailla Noureen
Marketing Marketing for Social Causes (for NGOs, Non-profit, etc)2 DaysShumailla Noureen
Digital MarketingBuilding and Maintaining Your Digital Identity1 DayShumailla Noureen
Human Resources/
Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces1 DayShumailla Noureen/ Abdullah
Human Resources/
Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Creating Safer Workplaces: From Bystander Intervention to Preventing Harassment 1 DayShumailla Noureen/ Abdullah
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